Sunday, May 8, 2011

Talk Derby!

It's official, Derby time is over.  : (   Here in Louisville, the weeks leading up to the Kentucky Derby are filled with festivals and fun!   It starts in April with "Thunder over Louisville," one of the largest fireworks display in the world, which is always a lot of fun!     And of course, the main events are the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby.   The Kentucky Derby has been a tradition here in Louisville, at Churchill Downs, for 137 years!  This year, we went to the Oaks, which is the race for the Fillies.   We had a blast!   We didn't bet (I like my money too much to gamble), but we had a great time watching the races and the people!  Lots of celebrities come in town for the festivities.  I got to meet Betsy Johnson, it was very exciting!  

When you go, you of course have to wear a hat, or fascinator! 

And to the Oaks you wear pink to support breast cancer.  
You can feel the horses thundering down the track!
Jake and his Mint Julep 
I had a "Lilly" 
My Mama and Sister in Law

We had a great time all day, until it was time to leave!!   The parking lot always fills up super early for Oaks and Derby, but for these events, people that live around the area will sell you a parking spot in their yard.  So we decided to park in some random persons yard, and were shuttled by a golf cart to the track.  As soon as we got in the golf cart, my brother said he "set a pin" on his IPhone so that we would know where we parked.  Yeah.... the pin was not set.    It took us over an hour to find our car after the race was over.   Not one of us out of the six had any clue where the vehicle was.  NOT a good day to wear stilettos!   Haha!   
In other news......

Congrats to Plum Pretty for winning The Oaks!

And Animal Kingdom for winning The Derby!

There is no better time to live in Louisville, Kentucky!  I love my city!


  1. I used to LOVE going to opening day of the races in San Diego... if for no other reason than the hats! Oh the hats!!

    You two look absolutely adorable lady! ;)

  2. Look at you ms. Fashion plate. It's so different than going to the races in queens. Blah.

  3. Aw, what a fabulous time!(Except the pin part, of course.) Love your outfit--and your honey's :) That Lilly drink looks delish. What was in it?

  4. I want to hear more about how you met Betsy Johnson. I saw she was here for the Derby! It's so awesome that you got to meet her.

  5. That's awesome looks like so much fun! Love the festive attire!

  6. Love your dress! It looks like so much fun, I wish Seattle got as dressed up for our races. I go to opening day every year but it's not a formal affair.