Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My "Oh Crap" Moment

It feels so good to be clean!!!!!   This morning since I knew I was heading to my mom's pool, I just threw on my swim suit and put my hair in a pony tail.    Usually, I am more of a "lay by the pool" kinda gal, but today it was too stinkin hot to be anywhere but in the water.   It was 95 degrees here, so I was more than willing to jump right in today!    

After the pool I went straight to my dance studio.  It has been over a month since I've been to dance because I've been working way too much!  So I really had a nice time being back tonight, despite the fact that the air conditioning decided to break at the studio today.... yeah, I was drenched by the time I left.

So.... here's where the adventure begins.   After dance, I decided to go ahead and drop off some Arbonne products to a client of mine who lives nearby the studio.   Since I was just leaving the bag on her porch, I jumped out of my car and left it running while I ran the products to her door.   But when I went to get back in the car.... you guessed it, it was locked.   Not only did I lock myself out of my car, but the car was running!   I had no keys, no phone.  Oh crap.

I went back up to my clients house and knocked on her door.... of course, no answer.   

I then thought about the fact that my sunroof was cracked open.  So, I climbed on top of my SUV (oh what they neighbors must have though), and tried to wiggle my arm through my sunroof to unlock the door....wasn't happening.   Finally, I climbed down and started looking around for someone to ask for help.  It was already about 9:45, so I didn't want to wake anyone up, or freak them out.   I noticed that there was a house a few doors down with all the lights on, and I could see 2 men sitting on the couch, watching TV.   I went and knocked lightly.... no answer.   I was going to knock again, but as I was looking through the door I saw a bunch of really weird voodoo type wall hangings... "this is how people get murdered," I thought.   I backed away slowly from their home.

As I was walking back to my car, an older woman came out of her home to water her plants.  I explained my situation to her, and she very kindly went and got her cell phone for me so that I could call my husband.    She went back inside, letting me know that if there was anything else I needed, to just knock.   

So there I sat, in the middle of the night, leaning against my running car.  Thankfully I had left my ipod on inside the car, so at least I had some entertainment.  And of course, it was still ridiculously hot outside, so I continued to be disgusting.   We live about 20 minutes away from this client's house, so I knew I'd be standing there a while.

A few minutes later, one of the guys from the voodoo house came out, walking a dog.   "Hi," I said, as he passed by.  "Come on, Clark." He said, to the dog, avoiding eye contact with me.    I continued to wait.   About 5 minutes later, I saw the guy, and Clark, go back into the house.   Then suddenly, another man, came out of the house, and walked right towards me, with his hands on his hips.   "Hello!"  I said, when he got about 10 ft away.  No response.   He came closer, finally, he stopped about 5 feet from me.   

"Is there a reason you are out here, standing in the middle of our street?!"  He demanded, rather rudely. 

"Yes," I said apologetically, "I was dropping something off to a friend and I've locked my keys in my car, your neighbor was nice enough to let me call my husband, he should be here in a minute."

"How did you lock your keys in your car?"

"I'm not sure, I guess it just locked behind me when I got out somehow."

He eyed me suspiciously.  "Well, it's just awfully weird that you are standing out here."  

"Oh, well my husband should be here any minute."  It was just then that I began to smell the alcohol on his breath.   I wanted to say "thanks for asking if I'm okay, by the way!"  I didn't.

"Get a spare key!"  He mumbled as he went back to his house.

Rude. Rude. Rude.

I mean, come on, there I was, in yoga pants, a t-shirt, and pig-tails.... did I really look like a threat to the neighborhood!?   

Thank goodness for little old ladies who water their plants at 9:45 at night.   

.... I'm finally home in the air conditioning, no thanks to the 2 guys of Iola Drive!    


  1. What a creeper! Who treats people like that?!? And I have so done that! I actually locked myself out of my house with no phone in the middle of winter this year... so ridiculous!

  2. Wow! That would absolutely suck! As if it isn't bad enough that guy had to be a jerk...wth?!

  3. What a night! And how weird the guy would act like that! And to a girl in yoga pants and pigtails! :) What does he expect, that you should have a spare key taped to your ankle at all times in case you lock your keys in your car?

  4. Some people are just rude! Glad to hear you made it home ok!

  5. I would have lost it on that guy and said something like "please don't tell me you've never done something stupid in tour life!! Leave me the he'll alone asshole!!"

  6. They must not have been a gay couple. Gay boys are usually that mean!!

    Hilarious story, though. Sorry -- I had a good laugh at your expense. I have done the same thing a time or two, though. You aren't alone!

    Glad you didn't get abducted by the voo-doo-decor-loving, alcoholic, potentialy gay, mean man. :)

  7. I think you need to go back there one night and, since you know exactly where he lives, show him what you think of his hospitality.

    Flaming dog poop always does the trick. As does a brick, though this probably doesn't rise to that level.

  8. How rude were those guys?! The nerve of some people. Thank goodness for old ladies is right! They always seem to be the nicest. Glad your husband wasn't too far away and you got home safely!

  9. Those were two rude guys! Your initial instincts not to knock were right and I would NOT have been rude back until my husband got there at which time i would have let them have it. Thank goodness for sweet, charitable old ladies. They are so precious! I hope I am like that in a few too short years!