Sunday, June 13, 2010

What happens in Vegas.....

My mom and I take knitting classes.... her idea... but actually it's a lot of fun.   She's actually done very well with it and has graduated to sweaters and all kinds of cool stuff.  Me?  Oh... I'm still stuck on a blanket that I've been working on for over a year now.  One of these days I'll finally get it done.

I haven't been to class in a while, and today at lunch my mom informed me that I really missed out by not being there this past week!    As all the ladies were sitting around knitting, they began to talk about their aging mothers and grandmothers, and the funny things that they do and say.   One of the women began to tell the following story:

Recently this woman, (let's call her Sandy), took her elderly, 80 something year old mother to Las Vegas for a family wedding.   As they were going through airport security, Sandy noticed a commotion going on over her mother's carry on bag.   They had pulled out a large tube of something and they were trying to explain to her mother that she could not carry it on the plane, since it was over the size limit.

Sandy walked over to ask what the problem was, and was mortified to find the security guard holding a huge tube of KY Jelly.  

"Oh my goodness!" Sandy exclaimed, "just throw it away!"

She hurried her mother along to get on the plane, though her mother was still unsure about why Sandy was so embarrassed.  Once on the plane, she finally asked her mom why in the world she had a huge tube of KY Jelly?

"Well," her mother replied, "I dip my earrings in it because it helps me put them in my ears easier."

"Okay," Sandy said "but why do you need such a huge tube of it?!"

"Well when I went to the pharmacy, I told them I needed a lubricant, and he asked me if I wanted the small or large tube.  I told him he better give me the big tube.... I'm headed to Vegas."

True story.  I bet the folks at that pharmacy will be telling that one for a long time.


  1. Oh my gosh! This is one of the best things I have heard in a long time! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. OMG that's hillarious!!! Haha

  3. This story just made my day! Too funny!

  4. omg, that was the most hilarious story! i can't wait to tell it to other people in joke form. :)

    sorry again... about having to cancel today. see ya next week!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is hilarious! I can't even imagine!

  6. Hey, i hear them old people get dry down there they need the extra large size.

  7. that is hilarious! Priceless!