Monday, August 30, 2010

It's the final countdown.

12 Days and I will be in London!!  
 "It's London baby!"  (Think Joey from friends.) 

 I'm so excited!   3 nights in London, 4 nights and Paris, and 3 nights in Rome.    Everything is planned and I can't believe it is coming up so soon!   I went shopping for passport covers today...cause you know... I needed my passport to be cute... and outlet convertors.   I think I have everything I need.   I've been trying to eat healthy and exercise these past few weeks cause I know once I'm over there it's all over!    All I want is bread, cheese, and wine for every meal!   

"What!?  Bread makes you fat!!??" 
 (One of the only funny lines from "Scott Pilgram vs. the World, which my husband made me see last night.)

The countdown has begun!


  1. So much fun! I am insanely jealous!

  2. how exciting!
    you're going to have the best time :)

  3. So exciting!! You have me dreaming of faraway places... And foreign bread is calorie free! Have a wonderful time!!

  4. So lucky! Have a blast. I love when Joey says, "It's London baby!"

  5. Jealous but excited for you. And speaking of bread, my baby-doctor told me to "watch the carbs" at my last appointment, so of course I've eaten MORE than normal ever since. ;)

  6. So jealous! You're going to have a blast. That's a great itinerary. Not too much time in one place. Just enough time so you don't get overtired trying to fit things in.

    Vacation calories are ZERO. Seriously. Bread in other countries doesn't count. ;-)