Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's kind of a funny story

So a few months ago I was heading to my brother's house when I got pulled over.    The road to his house drops suddenly from 55 to 35, and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I passed that sign there were lights flashing behind me.   : (   He gave me a ticket for speeding and because my tags were expired.  

I had fully intended to go to court and fight this one!  The signs are really unclear and the sign where the speed limit drops is actually on the OTHER side of the street going the opposite direction.    So, on my court date, I went in to argue my case.   But, of course as soon as I got in there, the police officer asked if I wanted to contest it.... and I lost all my nerve (clearly intimidated by the badge) and said "no, I'll pay it."   So... that's what I did.  They dismissed the charge for my expired registration since I showed them that I had renewed, and then I paid my ticket.  End of story.   Or so I thought....

Fast forward to last Sunday.   My family and I head to Frankfort, (about a 45 min drive) for a one day Bible convention.   Jake and my dad left early in the morning because they had to be there by 7:30 to help. My mom and I arrived together later that morning.   And boy am I glad I wasn't with Jake!   He got pulled over (we should really buy stock in law enforcement.... oh wait... that's called taxes), and got a speeding ticket.   But after the cop runs his license, he comes back and says "by the way, are you aware that there is a warrant out for your wife's arrest?"    Um.... what!??    No, it's safe to say neither he nor I were aware of that.

My first reaction when they told me that was to laugh, only later to find out that he totally would have taken me to jail if I had been there!    Can you imagine me getting hauled off to jail on the way to a Bible convention!?  Now that would have been a story to tell!   Since I haven't committed any crimes lately, my only guess was that they somehow didn't post that I had paid my ticket.    Of course I had to wait until Monday to find out, so until then, Jake refused to let me drive, convinced that I would get taken to jail if I got pulled over.  He toted me to and from work saturday, and drove like a snail, afraid that HE would get pulled over again.

First thing Monday I marched myself to the courthouse decked out in the cutest outfit I could find, complete with my black ruffle high heels and coach purse (if I was going to jail, I was going in style) and announced "I'm here to turn myself in, I hear there's a warrant out for my arrest."   Haha, I couldn't help it.  The cop looked at me like I was crazy, and then finally went to run my license.    The result?   There was no warrant out for my arrest.  Never was.   They had no idea why the police officer said that.  I don't know which made me more mad, the fact that the one officer said there was, or that the other said there wasn't!   I mean.... I'm glad I didn't go to jail, obvi, but it's really irritating that it was all for nothing!

As I was leaving the police officer said "sorry, we can't lock you up today, but maybe another day!"

Sigh.... I kind of liked having the street cred.  


  1. haha! how annoying and scary and funny all at once.

    I forgot to pay a ticket once--and there was a warrant out for me for real. I paid it, so now big exciting story, but still, it makes me laugh!

  2. Ironically you went to Paris, but didn't have your Paris moment. Sorry.

  3. Oh I am cracking up! Seriously, how many times in your life will you get to say "I'm here to turn myself in."?

    Too funny!

  4. haha, what an excellent story :)

  5. That. is. awesome! I'm glad you didn't have to do hard time, though. Your coach purse would have, no doubt, been defiled.

    The city really needs to get it together, though. We got a parking ticket in the mail for a car we traded in A YEAR AGO. Who has time to deal with that?!