Sunday, November 21, 2010

You want the truth?

I was tagged by my friend Amy over at Handprints of the Heart to do this "truth" survey.  So here goes:

Can you fill this out without lying? You've been tagged, so now you need to answer all the questions HONESTLY. At the end, choose at least 3 people to be tagged.

1. What was the last thing you put in your mouth?   A gluten free chocolate chip cookie... and it was delicious.

2. Where was your profile picture taken?  My friend Mary took it at her house.

3. Can you play Guitar Hero? I've never played.   But I have played Rock Band (same thing) and I love it!    I hate all video games except for Rock Band.

4. Name someone who made you laugh today?  Jake, my mom

5. How late did you stay up last night and why?  Till around 2:30.   I had to work until 1 and then it took me a while to wind down once I got home. 

6. If you could move somewhere else, would you?  Probably not at this point in my life, unless my circumstances changed somehow.   Though I would love to live somewhere else.  Top on my list would be New York, California, or even London....  but at this point in my life I probably will end up staying where I'm at.  

7. Ever been kissed under fireworks?  I can't remember specifically if I have or not.  

8. Which of your friends lives closest to you on FaceBook?   Jake, my husband.  He's my friend on facebook and he lives with me!

9. Do you believe ex's can be friends?   Not really.   I think it always gets complicated. 

10. How do you feel about Dr Pepper?   I used to love it, now it seems gross.  I haven't had it in probably 10 years.

11. When was the last time you cried really hard?  I cried twice today actually for dumb reasons!  Once while watching "Oprah's Favorite Things" and once while listening to a song.... haha!    But cried "really hard,".... it's probably been a while, and I can't remember exactly the reason. 

12. Who took your profile picture on fb?  Mary Green

13. Who was the last person you took a picture of?  Jake with Yoda

14. Was yesterday better than today?   Yes, I got to go to the UofL game, though I did have to work last night.  But today we worked on the house all day, so that was boring. 

15. Can you live a day without TV?   Sure, though I usually don't.  I usually watch at least an hour every day, unfortunately.   I love too many shows!

16. Are you upset about anything? Nothing at the moment, other than the fact that my shoulders really hurt from painting earlier. 

17. Do you think relationships are ever really worth it?   sure

18. Are you a bad influence? No, or at least I hope not.

19. Night out or night in?  Night out definitely.

20. What items could you not go without during the day?  Make Up and my Cell Phone

21. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?  my Papaw when he had his stroke.  

22. What does the last text message in your inbox say?      "Hey, what are you up to?" 
23. How do you feel about your life right now?     Pretty good.   

24. Do you hate anyone?  No

25. If we were to look in your FaceBook inbox, what would we find?   lots of messages, mostly about Arbonne 

26. Say you were given a drug test right now, would you pass?   Of course.  I've never done drugs a day in my life!

27. Has anyone ever called you perfect before?  My mommy, and my husband....before he figured out the truth.  haha

28. What song is stuck in your head?   "Angry all the Time" by Tim McGraw, it was on the radio earlier.

29. Someone knocks on your window at 2:00 a.m., whom would you want it to be?   A friend in need, or who wants to talk.  I'm probably awake anyway.  

30. Wanna have grandkids before you’re 50?   Um no.  I don't even have kids yet so I'm definitely not planning grandkids. 

31. Name something you have to do tomorrow:  Go to Ikea with Wendy, yay!

32. Do you think too much or too little? Too much.....way too much!

33. Do you smile a lot?   yes I think so

I tag Amber @ Musings of Amber Murphy, Erika @ Consistently Random, and Jennifer @ Unedited.


  1. Wow! You stuck to your guns? Certainly served up some gluten free honesty. Hey I stayed up 'til 2:30 the other night and I think talking to my Ex is complicated too. Freaky. haha.

  2. Yay! Thanks for tagging me. I love surveys and talking about myself. Ha! :)

  3. You always make the surveys much more interesting then they actually are!! lol. Glad you participated. :)