Saturday, January 15, 2011

Insane in the membrane

Have you ever looked back on a time in your life and wondered "what was I thinking!?"    It seems like so many moments of clarity have been coming to me lately.  "Ah-ha" moments, as Oprah would say.    It's no surprise that I over-think things, and I'm constantly trying to analyze myself, but it seems like the best moments of clarity have come from the simplest things.   A song, a photograph, a sentence....   It's amazing how perspectives can change in a moment.  

So, for all of the stupid moments in my life, I would like to plead temporary insanity.    

....what was I thinking?!!  


  1. Ha! I have SO MANY of those moments in the past... if only we could shake our younger selves! :)

  2. Cannot change the past but we can learn from it and move on for the better. Of course I like others may do something differently in my past knowing what I know today but we all should live and learn and move on.

  3. Hey, those are the moments that makes us stronger...and smarter.