Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cause I'm feeling like a criminal.

Whatever happened to Fiona Apple?   I went to see her in concert when I was 15.   I went with my best friend, we were both obsessed with her!    I'm pretty sure Fiona was either drunk or high through the whole thing, and about half way through her set she crawled under her piano and started rocking back in forth.  About that time my friend took pot from these 40 year old men sitting next to us and started smoking with them.    Somehow I managed to cover for her when her mom picked us up an hour later.  Good times, good times.  BUT I did get a pretty rocking Fiona Apple t-shirt from some man on the street, which I still sleep in these days.  And I'm pretty sure I still have the "No Fur" sticker that PETA was handing out at her concert, stuck to one of my old journals.   Oh Fiona.... you take me back to those angry-teenage-girl-days of my youth.  


  1. Ha, I haven't heard of her in so long!!!!
    How are your days, dear? I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  2. Too funny! I was just listening to Pandora the other day when Fiona came on the radio and I said the same thing - what the heck happened to that chick?!?

  3. omg Fiona Apple!! Thank you so much for sending me into a spin of nostalgia! Love it! xox

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