Monday, September 12, 2011


The weather in the south is a strange and unpredictable thing.  Seasons change suddenly, and are sometimes forgotten all together.   More often than not, the summer heat scorches into the 90's, only to be followed the very next day by 50 degree weather, and snow the next week.   Tank tops turn to jackets and flip flops to boots overnight.   Temperatures rise and fall suddenly, sirens wail in the night, tornadoes and lightening leave a wake of destruction in their path.  

That's what he was to her, a sunny day interrupted by torrential rain, a tornado that passes through... or sometimes even a moment of sunshine on a gloomy day.   He was as unpredictable as the weather, a powerful force that often left a wake of destruction in her path.

(From my WIP)


  1. When i was a little kid my parents lived in New Mexico. We too dealt with similar weather.

  2. Sounds like a normal day around where I live too.