Monday, May 31, 2010

All the World's a Stage

Wow, I have really been behind on my blogging!   I've pretty much been working 7 days a week at the moment between Arbonne, Restaurant #1, and Restaurant #2.   Hopefully my days of bartending are numbered.  I can't wait until I can spend my days providing health and wellness products instead of alcohol!  Haha.   I'm very sorry that I've been so behind on reading your blogs and commenting, I literally haven't been home in what seems like over a month!   My schedule should be calming down soon, and I'll catch up, promise!  

I've been thinking a lot lately about how important it is for me to do what I enjoy.   I really love my Arbonne business, and that's why I am determined to succeed in it.   But another true love of mine that I have truly neglected, is acting.   I absolutely have a love affair with the theater.   I was super involved during high school, and I really miss it.   I was in every play, president of the drama club, lived and breathed acting!  For a lot of reasons, I made the decision when I graduated, not to pursue a career in acting.    If I could, I'd be center stage on broadway right now, but I realized that choosing a career in theater meant giving up a lot of things in my life that are really important to me, and so, I gave it up.  I still believe that I made the right decision, but even now, almost 10 years later, I miss it every day.   My husband and I love going to plays and musicals, but sometimes watching them literally makes my heart ache.  The older I get, the more I find myself thinking about how I want to be able to act "at least one more time."  

So... I'm thinking of auditioning for a local dinner theater that is close by.   They are having an open casting call in July.   I haven't been able to make up my mind yet.   Even if I did get cast in something, I'm not sure I could even do it with my schedule.  But, part of me just wants to try, even if it doesn't work out.   

For the audition I would need a one-minute monologue, a song, head shots, and an acting resume.  I started putting together my resume, and the only acting experience I have is from high school!   Haha.   I don't think my chances are great, but I guess there's no harm in trying!   

I have one month to decide what monologue I want to do and what song!  Any suggestions?

I'm ready for my close up.   ; )

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  1. i love your passion for this.
    it's lovely.

    i'm sure you'll sort it all out :)

  2. YOU MUST audition! M.U.S.T! You only have one life, and each day it passes you by!

    I am so happy I am following my dreams, gosh happy isn't even the word!

    Good Luck and keep us posted!

  3. I am so sorry that I have not called you back yet. I have been SO busy as well and am feeling super guilty about not blogging much and having so many reviews to do. YIKES. I know you are READY for your close up and I really do think you are going to be a big star someday my dear!!!! Glee is calling you!

  4. sometimes i try to comment and it doesn't go through and i become VERY agitated!

    what i was saying before blogger so RUDELY denied me was that you should audition! What do you have to lose? If you don't get the part, at least you can say that you put yourself out there! Don't wait! Someday you'll be pregnant and you won't have the time, the energy, or the waistline for such things.

    Also, I'd love to know what show/ part you're going out for... because without knowing that I'm not sure what monologue or song to suggest!

  5. Go for it! Go where your heart takes you, no matter the place or the outcome, and you'll never have regrets.
    Cliché, I know. But true :)

  6. Why don't you do a musical V-log? You might get discovered that way.