Monday, May 17, 2010

Just Dance... it will be okay

Well it's over!   Sunday was my dance recital.   I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I was going to throw up!   It's funny because back in the day when I used to be in plays and stuff, I hardly ever got nervous!    But I sure was nervous Sunday.   Mostly because I did not feel at all confident with the dances. But, it turned out okay and most importantly, I had a lot of fun.   Yes.... I messed up a few times.... but we're not going to talk about that....

It did feel great to be on stage again.  I have really missed it.  

I was in two routines.   First off was Jazz.

Then Modern... 

We weren't allowed to video, but there was a professional videographer there.  Once I get the DVD and watch it, I might post it... we'll see.... haha!

Starting in June I'm going to be taking another modern class, and hip hop!!!  I'm excited to be gangster.


  1. aw.
    you look lovely.
    i'm glad it all went well for you :)

  2. Lovely pictures! You look beautiful!

  3. You are so cute!
    I used to dance in high school. I love dancing.


  4. This brings back great memories of my dance recital days! So much fun. I love that you still do all of it!

  5. I miss dancing so much! You look so pretty and happy

  6. You are so skinny! Also, I love the hair flower. ;)

    Glad it went well!

  7. That's awesome you got a chance to do what you love...and do it well.

  8. adorable pictures! looks like fun

  9. You look beautiful! HOW FUN! I'm jealous, especially of your upcoming hip hop!

  10. you gals look so cute! I want to see the dance. I've been taking square dance with my husband. Its so fun and great to do together.