Monday, May 3, 2010

Messy Bessy

So.... I have a confession.   Ready?  This is one is shocking....

I am not the perfect woman.

I know... I know... how could this be!?   It comes as quite a shock to me as well.  But, alas, I must admit that there is one area in which I am severely lacking: ORGANIZATION. 

It's true, I'm horribly unorganized, and it's not hard to notice.   My car, my house, even my purse, all give me away.   You will frequently find me searching for hours for a receipt that has an important phone number on it, or a shirt that I stuck in a random box somewhere, or even a check that got folded up in one of my purses 2 weeks ago.....  (When my car got wrecked about 6 months ago, my husband came to transfer my stuff from the wrecked car to his, and found 2 of my paychecks stuck down in a bag in my trunk that were both like a month old.... yeah... I got scolded for that one!)   It doesn't help that my best friend, Wendy, is Mrs. Organized.   Whenever I go to her house I turn green with envy over her perfectly spotless home.   Why can't I be like that!?    I mean, don't get me wrong, my house isn't  "dirty," but it is definitely at least "messy" probably 80% of the time.   I've always been like that.  My room as a teenager was so bad that you couldn't even hardly walk in it due to the clothes all over the floor!!   I'm not quite as bad anymore... but there is still usually a pile of clothes at the foot of my bed.   It's a vicious cycle that goes like this:

Each morning I try on 5 different outfits.  Since I'm always running late and rushing in the mornings, the discarded outfits get thrown on the bed.   Then, Jake goes to bed that night and throws the clothes off of the bed onto the floor.   The pile gets bigger.... and bigger.... until I have a nervous breakdown from the mess and spend a whole day trying to reorganize my drawers and closets... only to make a bigger mess in the process!!!


I hate cleaning.   Like, actually hate it.   I get overwhelmed.   I don't know where to start first... and so most of the time I just don't start at all.   We let the sink pile up with dishes and the clean clothes sit in the clothes baskets until we can't take it anymore, then about once a week we do a blitz to get it all done before someone comes over and sees our mess!

It would be so much easier if we would just keep up with it to begin with!!!   Wendy, a.k.a, Mrs. Organized, has offered many times to come help me to get my house in order.  But do you think I'm going to let her see my closets!?   I do not think so.   

And household projects?   Just as bad.   We've been working on finishing our basement for like a year now.  So far all we have done is the framing, the wiring for the recessed lighting, and part of the insulation.   Sigh... maybe in another year we'll get the drywall finished?   

I need to hire an organizer.... or better yet.... a maid!!!!!!

Maybe I'm just lazy?   


  1. t really is the worst when the mess piles up so makes you just not want to EVER start it! I am pretty organized, but when things get messy I just don't even want to tackle it!
    I feel your pain!

  2. ASHLEY!!! I met your twin on Saturday night! it was incredibly strange!

    We were walking through the city and this random boy came up and started hugging us and then his girlfriend said dont worry he is harmless and i turned to her and it was YOU- but in Sydney!!!

    it was realllly weird!

  3. Oh girl, I am the SAME way! I hate that I always let things pile up. Oh well, doesn't being messy mean you're creative or something? Haha. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself : )

    Have a great day!!

  4. Ashley,
    Bullshit! You ARE perfect. Just think of the mess as the stuff you don't do because you're too busy having fun! Which is wonderful!

  5. ha sweetie. I'm sure you are fine. You are not lazy at all! I'm the most untidy person I know! I'm super lazy..haha..BUT, I kinda like my pile


  6. I can totally relate. I am your messy doppelganger. I think that's the correct use of the word, no?

  7. I so relate to this post. My house is a damn mess. We really need to whip things into shape around here before December. A baby would not survive in this dust prison.

  8. I hate cleaning too! My house isn't dirty but it's never 'guest-ready'. Don't worry, no one on their deathbed wished they had done more cleaning when they were alive!!

    Have a nice day!

  9. Get a housekeeper. I used to have one and it awas the best money I ever spent. Have you ever heard of The Fly Lady? She is an expert at whipping people into shape - but gently.

  10. haha.
    oh do i know this feeling.

    i've found, it's better to just clean up as you go.
    otherwise you get gigantic piles of stuff everywhere!

  11. I love this one! I hate cleaning too! Someone tried to call me OCD the other day (because I'm so anal about life in general) and I was like "come see my house... I'm pretty sure you'll see I'm not OCD!"

    My best guy friend told me the other day that all women should be at least half way decent at singing and dancing. Then he asked me what happened to me.

    Love it.

  12. Cute blog. I just found you :)

  13. I do the same thing when I get dressed, I try on a few outfits and the ones that don't make it end up on my bed. But I make it a point to hang them up before I go to sleep, to prevent accumulation.
    I think it's a lot less overwhelming to do small bits here and there than to leave it till the weekend or something.

  14. YA Ummm......ditto! lol. messaholic. My clothes tend to pile up on top of the dresser rather than in it....ha ha. oops.

  15. I totally relate to you! I love when my apt looks pristine but I hate the process of getting it there. Ugh! And oh my, with the car. My sweet husband is not so sweet when he rides with me. Eek!