Monday, July 26, 2010

European Vacation!! Calling all experts!

It's official!  We are going to Europe in September!!!!!   We are going to: 




We are so excited about our trip, but there is so much to decide!    We fly into London and spend 3 nights there, then take a train to Paris where we spend 4 nights, then fly to Rome where we spend 3 nights.   We have been wanting to go to Europe for years and now I can't hardly believe it's actually happening.   I only wish we had more time over there to be able to see everything!

So for all you travelers out there, what are your absolute must-do's for London, Paris, or Rome?   We are considering doing a day trip from London into Stratford Upon Avon and Warwick Castle.   We're also considering doing a day trip from Rome into Chianti, Umbria, and Montepulciano.  I really want to do the day trip from Rome because it's a wine tour, which I think would be amazing, plus Montepulciano is where they filmed Twilight - New Moon!!!  Haha.  But it would be like $300 so I'm not sure.  

I don't think we'll book any tours for when we're in Paris.  I mostly just want to soak up the atmosphere while we're there.    

Another thing I'm having trouble deciding on is our flight from Paris to Rome.   Have any of you ever flown with Easyjet, Vueling Airlines, or Iberia?   You can fly from Paris to Rome for only like $65 on these small jets... but it kind of scares me!   But the major airlines are like hundreds more.... so I can't decide.    I just don't want to get over there and have our flight cancelled or something crazy!

Anyway I am SOOOOOOO excited I can't hardly stand it!   We've never been to Europe and we are counting down the days!    Have you ever been?   What were your favorite things to see?


  1. Never been, but I am so jealous!!! Take lots of pictures, so I can pretend I went too. :]

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow!! I'm so jealous it seems that everyone is traveling to Europe these days! I've never been so I have no advice however my blog friend Nicole just had a Viva La France event when she visited France and gave a ton of information on all the awesome places she visited!

    I can't wait to hear how your journey goes!

  3. BTW Stella's been revealed over at my blog! Come see if you were right :)

  4. Awesome!! Thats so exciting!! I've been to Rome, it was AMAZING!! I heard about easyjet and I think they are fine to fly with... Oh and bring good walking shoes, cause we walked everywhere when we were there!!

  5. Oh, have fun! I lived in Paris for 6 months, and I'd totally be willing to send you some of my favorite places if you want! :)

  6. I haven't been to London or Paris, but I HAVE been to Rome; you will love it! Definitely the Colosseum, the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica are must-see's. There is a teeny-tiny little restaurant directly across the street from the entrance to the Vatican that you should eat at if you have a chance. They have a roasted chicken and potatoes dish, (prepared Italian style), that is amazing! A local person told us about it and we were so glad they did!

  7. I wish I was a seasoned traveler, but I'm never been abroad and therefore have zero advice. :(

    However, I'm SO excited for you that you're going!!

  8. I went to London as a child and Paris two years ago. Paris is AMAZING. You can take a double decker bus trip. It's about $20 for a two day pass. You see all the important things! You can just sit on the bus and see everything or get off at each stop. The busses run every 15 minutes or so. DEFINITELY do it!

  9. I am so excited for you and I don't even know where to start. I have not been to Paris or Rome, but I have been to the UK a couple times. It's incredible. You are going to be having the trip of a lifetime!

  10. I'm headed across the pond for the third time in October, and couldn't be more excited. I spent a whole summer in Italy and 3 days is NOT enough to see rome. if you want to do a day trip and see a bit of the non-roma italy I would suggest taking a day to go to Ostia which is romes port town bordering the Mediterranean sea, and best of all it's just a 30-40 minute train ride. Also there's a little restaurant called La Carbonara not far from the colloseum which invented carbonara, but it's reasonably price (especially for downtown rome), delicious, and you can write a fun note on the wall. Hope you have an awesome time!