Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Am I not like a new day?

Did I ever tell you that I'm a published writer? No?... well, I am. My grandmother, Joyce Murphy Smith, is a writer. She published a book of poetry called "Kentucky Heartstrings" back in 2003, and she included among her writings a poem that I wrote at the age of 11. Haha...my big debut!

I think that my passion for literature, poetry, theater, and art in general came from her. Growing up we'd sit and paint, write poems, dress up, and lip sync to songs just for the fun of it. We've always understood each other.

(I know, not the most flattering of pics, but it's the only one on my computer!)
I have always loved to read her poetry. Here's one of my favorites:

The Dawning

How nice the dawning of a new day is so gentle,
For people like me, who awaken slowly.
Some can come awake, full of energy!
I was never like that.
I have to creep up on the morning, for somehow waking
Is an insult to my senses.

As I sit and sip that first cup of coffee, I marvel
At people who can awaken and be awake with such energy.
I marvel at them, but I don't want to be like them.
I rather enjoy the slow awakening I go through.
After all, does the sun suddenly burst into the sky?
Or, does it, like me, slowly come to life?
Do all the birds start to sing at once?
Or does one start the melody,
And other join the chorus?
Does a rose suddenly spring open?
Or does it slowly and gently unfold?
And does the dew so swiftly dry up,
As though it's never been?

But, when finally these things reach their zenith,
When the rhythm of life has been set,
Then the new day, in harmony, has begun.

Am I not like a new day?

-Joyce Murphy Smith

(Oh...and in other news... is it just me or was Katy Perry kind of a
"B-word " on American Idol tonight?)

I mean...I'm just saying....


  1. Oh, so you inherited your talent! :) That is such a lovely poem. You grandmother sounds like the coolest of ladies. What an honor to have your poetry published -- and something you wrote at such a young age! (You should post your own poem. I'd love to read it.)

    And about Katy Perry... I couldn't agree more. She was way harsh.

  2. But you got your good looks from your Mom :)