Tuesday, January 26, 2010

EASY Cheese Spread

So if you are invited to a Super Bowl party this year to watch the Saints and the Colts battle it out (I had to say that since I think it's the first year I actually know who is in the Super Bowl)..... you might be wondering what you should take?

Here is a SUPER easy cheese spread that literally takes seconds to make and is DELICIOUS! My mom used to always make it for parties.

Here's what you need:

A package of Good Season's Dry Italian Dressing Mix:

And a box of cream cheese:

Simply cut the cream cheese in half length wise so that you have 2 sticks of cream cheese.

Then.... (this is the hard part) roll the cream cheese in the italian dressing mix.

Wow.... took a lot of effort right?! I told you it was super easy! Serve with your favorite crackers and people will love it, I promise!


  1. That sounds so yummy!

    Also, your new blog header and signature are fierce! I'm so jealous.

    (Can you help me with mine?!) ;)

  2. Thanks! My hubby is the artist, he's awesome! I'm sure he could whip you up at least a signature in no time. : )

  3. Hey , ya know where that recipe came from? Back when you were about 2 and I was selling Undercover Wear...remember "I'm an Undercover Agent, I love to do my fashion shows....."
    Well one of my hostesses served this at her party and I loved it. (Mom)