Monday, March 29, 2010

7 Years...No Itching!

Jake and I got married 7 years ago today, on March 29, 2003!   I can't believe it's been 7 years!!!   Happy anniversary Jake!   We watched our wedding video last night, and though there are a few things I would've changed (my prom-do hair and dress), over all I still love everything about our wedding!  We got married at an old theater, which was perfect for us!

We had a big wedding, almost 500 people there!  
 Everyone had a blast and danced all night long!

Our cake was a flour-less chocolate cake served with raspberry sauce.
It. was. delicious.

We were very young (19!!!!!), but we knew what we wanted.
And 7 years later, we're still going strong! 

Tonight we went to PF Changs for dinner to celebrate.  It was sooo yummy!   
I also got a new outfit today to wear.

 Check out my new shoes...I'm in love!

On the way to eat.   
(No this is not a Ken Towery's add.)

Here are my gifts that Jake has given me so far:

He found this eiffel tower candle holder and made it into a vase!  
He's so creative!

A really awesome leather bound journal.

And a new canvas, brushes, and paint!

Oh AND... I have 6 more days of gifts!  
He says I'm getting 7 days of gifts..... since it's been 7 years!

I got him a new pair of shoes and a framed poster of the band whose song we danced to at our wedding (Slingshot 57).  I did get it signed by the band....but STILL, he out-did me as usual!!!   I feel like a slacker in the gift giving department!   
Oh well, he has me...that's really all a man could ask for.  

Haha....totally kidding!     

Seven years!!!!  Wow.... I feel old!!


  1. I love that you got married at an old theater! That is just so classic!

  2. amazing. Congrats! And I love the hair and the dress. I think you were a gorgeous blushing bride:D

  3. Happy Anniversary and congrats on 7 years! I totally LURVE the idea of getting married in an old theatre - that is SO NEAT and your pictures are awesome! I am going on 13 years this year with my sweetie pie. Cheers to another 7 + years for you and he's definitely a keeper and so thoughtful with those neat gifts he has given you already. Have a great day! :o)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Marriage is wonderful!

  5. Ashley, I love these pictures! Your wedding was beautiful! I love the theatre. And, what do you mean you'd change your dress and hair? I love them both! Your new shoes are sexy! And l too love journals and paint. Enjoy and happy anniversary!


  6. Happy Anniversary!!! And you're right...those shoes are fabulous!

  7. This is a *great* post. Love your wedding pics (great venue!) & the gifts are cute. Good luck to you and many more years of happiness!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! From what I can see your dress and looked beautiful on your wedding day!

    You are very lucky that you have a husband who is so creative with his gift giving!!

  9. Wow what a beautiful wedding idea! The photos are gorgeous (: Happy Anniversary lady & CUTE shoes!!

  10. Congrats! 7 days of gifts..what a lucky lady!

  11. Adorable!! Congratulations!!

    And what a fabulous outfit! (love those shoes especially!)

  12. Young and in love, and still going strong. So awesome. Keep it up you two!

  13. what a FUN wedding and FUN anniversary!!! happy 7 years!!!

    ps i LOVE your shoes!!!

  14. Oh wow....first of all, I LOVE your wedding photos! 2) CONGRATS!!!! 3) Where did you get those shoes? 3) I want that candle holder! 4) You guys are adorable!!!

  15. Happy Anniversary and Congrats on 7 years!!! Love your wedding shots and you look fabulous for your celebration!!! How sweet is your husband for 7 days of gifts. Such a great idea!!! XOXO

  16. I love that he made the eifel tower into a vase! And your shoes are fabulous! :-) Congrats on 7 years!!

  17. Love Love Love those shoes!!!!!!!! Happy Anniversary, I love the 7 day of gifts idea...imagine when it's been 50 years. :)

  18. CONGRATS girl! That is so awesome! And ps: you look awesome in your new outfit. I think I might need to steal those shoes :) Enjoy the rest of your gifts, and blessings for another happy year of marriage!

  19. What a lovely wedding. What a lovely bride. what a lovely lady. What a lovely wife. Happy Anniversary!

  20. Happy (Late) Anniversary!
    And yes, those shoes are fantastic! :)