Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let's write a story....

Okay, I totally stole this idea from Jen at Unedited,
because it's so much fun!

Below I'm going to write a short beginning to a story, and I'm asking you to add to it through your comments.
Together let's write a fantastic story! 

A few rules:
You may comment more than once but not one right after another.
Be Creative!
Have fun!

I hope you'll all take part in this. I'll leave it up for a few days and then I'll post the entire story for you all to read!  Happy writing!

The Beginning:

The sun was beginning to set, soon it would be dark.   The gas light in her car chimed, waking her from the trance she was in.   As she pulled the car off the road, she realized she had no idea where she was.  How long had she been driving?   She turned off the engine and sat there for a long moment, watching people go in and out of the run down gas station.   It felt like too much work to even move.   She glanced in the rearview mirror at the broken person she had become. 

(now it's your turn....)


  1. Her face was covered in tear stained mascara. "How did I let this happen," she whispered to her reflection. She took a staggered breath and opened the car door while still focusing on her broken image. She heard a deep voice yell "Watch where you're going!"

  2. She couldn't even find a face to match the voice of caution before she plummeted to the ground due to the skateboard she had just tripped over. Her breath knocked out of her, she wished she could just stay there and not get up. She didn't want to face whoever had tried to help, and she really didn't want to face herself. But she knew she must get up.

  3. Get up to face something bigger than her. The world. The world she had tried to run away from. The world that had brought her sorrows and joy. She knew it was time to be strong again. But she was still clueless. Putting pieces back together had never been easy for her, and this time, it was harder than she had imagined.
    Once again, she fell back to ground, scared of all the difficulties. She whispered to herself "in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity".

  4. As she stood up to look around she saw no one, no skateboard, no voice, nothing, just an empty gas station in front of her. She dusted herself off and tried to regain her compsure "What am I doing?" not just asking herself about right now, but in general

    *Yay Ashley I fill loved! Thanks for playing mine and joining in the fun!*

  5. So she turned the car around and drove off with an empty gas tank and a flat tire.

  6. The car came to an alt due to the flat tire. She was feeling alone, like everyone had part with her. Tears wouldn't make her feel better, so she didn't dare to cry.
    Sitting in the middle of nowhere, with a car that was too lazy to move, she daydreamed. She daydreamed about how much better things could have been if she had stayed, and not run away from him.

  7. She was startled by the sudden bark of a dog. It wasn't a menacing sound, rather the high-pitched yelp of a smaller breed. Out of habit, she pictured Brian's Shitzu. A millisecond later, she sat up, realizing there was no way little Sammy could possibly be out here at nowhere's epicenter. She peered out the windshield, searching, but there was no animal in sight. Then the dog barked again, closer. Her head snapped around and she saw it, ten feet or so from the driver side door.

    It was a Shitzu, but its calico coloring was unlike Brian's Sammy who was black and white. The dog barked again, tossing his head back, then sat back on his laurels and stared at her.

    Kara knit her brows together as the first smile of the day spread across her stiff lips. The way the dog peered at her was unnerving, as if he were waiting for her to do something. Kara cocked her head to the side, and the dog did the same.

    She opened the car door slowly, never breaking eye contact with the dog. She put a sneaker on the blacktop but kept her weight centered, uncommitted to any direction. If he was going to suddenly launch at her, she was ready to retreat.

    The dog sniffed the ground at his paws, then looked back at her. A sense of calm washed over her, and with a confidence barely warrented, she exited the car.

    The dog stood too, and Kara froze. He yipped, ran a couple feet, then stopped and looked over his shoulder at her. Memories of "Lassie" from the classics channel flashed through her mind.

    "You want me to follow you, boy?" She felt ridiculous. Then again, what else was she supposed to do?

    The dog trotted off, down the road in the direction she'd come. Kara took a deep breath, snapped shut the car door, and followed.

  8. She put one foot in front of the aching other for twenty minutes or more. Every few steps, the mysterious little dog would turn around and wait for her to catch up. His tail wagged with impatience, and when he barked, she stopped and crossed her arms.

    "I'm coming, Callie. I'm not as quick as you, girl." She trudged on, grumbling a little each time the pup gave a bark to urge her to keep walking.

    The neon lights of the gas station finally twinkled in her line of sight. This dog had brought her back here, probably to save her from danger and to remind her not to drive on empty again. Instead of relieft, she felt only the blister on her heel and looked down to examine her bloodied white sock. Her throat was dry and swollen from the words she screamed at Brian. Her feet barked, and so did Callie.

    She sighed, and broke into a jog until she reached faded blacktop of the station's parking lot.

    There was no one around, except a young man whose wheat colored hair clung to his neck in damp strands. He held a skateboard under his left arm and a switchblade in his right hand.

  9. His breath was repulsive. The stench from his body rising to meet her before she could fully take in that the man she was facing was her twin brother. The twin she hadn't seen since she was eight years old. Her parents had died the night before in a terrible accident, and today in her grief, they were being torn from each other to live in separate homes. She couldn't say why or how she recognized him. It was just like an instinct, a knowing so deep she couldn't deny it's truth.

  10. (you all are awesome!!! Keep going!!!)

  11. As Kara and her brother, Josh made eye contact they both drew a sharp breath in... It had been so long, yet the connection was still there. A connection between twins is unbreakable.

    Softly Josh whispers her name and she takes a step back. Unsure she is ready to face her past, ready to face her brother, ready to right the wrongs she may have committed over the past 19 years since they had seen each other.

  12. 19 years since the harsh reality of life had ripped them apart. They had so much catching up to do. How had he ended up in the nowhere place, she wondered. Her mind filled with dozens of questions that somehow refused to come to her lips...

  13. Oh way. That was fabulously written lady! I'll give it a go...As she sipped her luke warm cup of Joe, without the slightest bit of annoyance, she realized just how content she was. Despite all of the uncertainties about their life that were up in the air, the serenity that came from knowing that everything would be ok as long as the three of them were together was pure bliss. Becoming a mother had certainly mellowed her out.

  14. "Every thing will be okay." "Every thing will be okay" At the sound of her last spoken word a breeze of cold air carried her away to the front porch that she had not seen for last 19yrs.

    Confused as to how or why she found herself at this place that brought her a heavy feeling of sorrow,she began walking up the stairs, the sorrow became unbearable. She turned the knob and the stench that her brother held was infiltrated within the walls that she once had called as a child home.

    She walked through the house quietly unnoticed by her father that sat in the living room with an empty bottle of whisky heading towards the bedroom that she had once shared with her brother.

    Each step closer to the room took years from her life that she had not noticed till she opened the room and saw her wrist that held a neon friendship bracelet that her brother and her had given each other before he was forever taken away from her arms.

    She pushed the door in slowly and found a note by his bed as she was walking towards his bed she looked up at her reflection and turned around, running towards the closet yelling,"Noooooooo!! She held her brother by his legs, his pale face hung, his bracelet covered in blood, a switchblade laid stained with his innocence on the floor.

  15. She held him close to her and cried violently into his chest, until she realized that this was not her brother...It was merely a pile of dirty laundry . Her warm hands made the damp towels feel like hot blood...She felt overwhelmed and alone. She thought she might be hallucinating because her brother was gone. Long GONE. He was merely part of her imagination. The imaginary brother that she played with as a girl. The imaginary friend and confidant that she had all of those years...