Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Borrow a 2 Year Old." The next big thing!

I've decided to start a new business, "Borrow a 2 year old."
It's catchy, right?   
You know all of those weeds that taunt you in your yard?   
Are you sick of picking them, only to watch them grow back days later?   
Have no fear.... "Borrow a 2 year old" is here!

I know what you're thinking, "Ashley, how did you come up with such a fabulous business idea?"  Well, today I kept my friend's little girl, and I watched in delight as she picked every um, I mean "flower" in my yard!

She diligently ran around, collecting them all!

She even neatly piled them on the porch for me.

I know, I know, "labor laws."  
Psh.... I offered her a break, she didn't want it!  
And I allowed her to sit down while she worked!


And here's the beauty of "Borrow a 2 year old," you don't have to pay the 2 year olds anything!  Why in the world would you hire a gardner when there are plenty of capable 2 year olds running around who are perfectly happy to do it?

Generally, all they ask in return is that they get to keep the um, "flowers," to give to their mommies.

So, next time you need some weeds pulled, just 
"Borrow a 2 year old!"   

(No 2 year olds were injured/mistreated during the making of this blog post.)


  1. Ha ha ha! This was a GREAT post! Johnny is almost two, I better get him ready for labor!

  2. She is SO adorable :)
    I used to pick weeds, too!

  3. hahah! This was great, cute pictures (:

  4. Hi I am semi new to the blogging world and just trying to find some fun/funny blogs to read and I have seen you pop on a few different peoples blogs and I loved this post! So, I look forward to following you!

    Shelby, from My life out of order!

  5. She's so cute. :)

    And you're so thrifty. In this economy, we all need to save a few bucks where we can.

    Hmm. I wonder if my niece would be interested in cleaning toilets?

  6. oh MY GOSH... your cutest post ever!!!!

  7. Haha, what a funny post :-) She is absolutely adorable! I love the "flowers" she picked for her mommy.

  8. This is a fabulous idea!!! But, I think I'll have to wait until my niece turns 2 because my 2 year old nephew would get distracted by the bugs crawling on the weeds (flowers) and I think I'd have a new bug collection, rather than a bouquet.

  9. Oh I am so in! You just sign me up for one of those two year olds you've got lying around! Are you willing to send one to Alaska?

  10. Hi Ashley,
    She's adorable! I have a two-year old nephew, but he's not nearly as cooperative.


  11. Fabulous idea Ashley. Do you think they would enjoy picking up doggie presents as much as pulling weeds? If so I'll borrow 5 2-year olds. LOL!! XOXO

  12. that is genius. need a loan to start up that biznazz?? :) seriously though, cute post!!

  13. awwww, that's a really cute post! and she is super cute too!

  14. Awesome idea! hehe and she's such a cute girl!

  15. So funny! Love it! They are not nearly as helpful but, you can borrow and 8, 10 or 12yr old boy anytime!