Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just a page from a journal

I wrote this a few nights ago, I don't really know where it came from or where it's going...or if it's going anywhere for that matter!  But ya know...thought I'd post it anyway!  Haha. I'm not really a writer or anything, so please don't look too closely!!!  But feel free to critique!   I know it's a bit cheese ball.  

Owen opened the back door and walked outside into the night.   He left the door open behind him, an invitation.   She took it and followed him out into the summer air.   Outside it was peaceful, a nice break from the chaos of the party.   It was beautiful out.   In spite of her nerves, Autumn couldn't help but to take note of the sky.   Thousands of stars lit up the night, and she began to think of all times she had wished upon them.  Wished for him, for one more moment together.   She suddenly felt nervous, her heart began to race as she followed him in silence to the side of the house, out of sight from everyone inside.   He was still quiet as he turned to face her, leaning against the brick of the house.   She stopped a few feet from him, taken aback by the intensity of his stare.   For a moment, they just stood there, silent, watching one another.  A gust of summer wind rustled the trees and sent a shiver up Autumn's spine.   Was it the wind, or his eyes, that were making her tremble?   She had missed his eyes, and so much more.   Suddenly unafraid, she moved closer to him.   He held out one hand to her, an invitation.  She took it, moving into him, wrapping her arms around his waist.   It felt natural, instinctive, to be in his arms again.   

This is where I belong, she thought, pressing herself closer into him.   He wrapped his arms tightly around her and pressed her face into his chest, she could hear his heart beating.    She hadn't realized until now that she had been holding her breath.  She inhaled deeply, breathing him in like an alcoholic, sniffing their favorite bourbon after years of sobriety.   She had always known that he was her addiction.   She exhaled slowly, and it felt like years since she had.   It was like that first breath of air after being held under water.  Finally, she could breathe again.

Owen was much taller than her, so she stood on her toes so that she could press her face into the curve of his neck.   She ran her hands into his hair and she heard him sigh.   A surge of electricity ran through her.  She felt alive, excited!  She felt something.   After years of being numb, all of her senses came back to life at this moment.   She listened to him breathe and wondered what he was thinking.  

Is this a dream?   Could this really be happening?

And all at once, there they were, face to face again.   It was as if no time had passed at all, as if they had not spent years apart, but only minutes.  Owen held her face in his hands so that he could look into her eyes.   Together, they both moved forward slowly, until their lips were almost touching, just seconds apart.  She felt his hot breath on her lips.  She was intoxicated.   

"I want to kiss you," he whispered, as he ran one hand down her back, grabbing her waist to pull her closer to him.   Her breath quickened.  "I've missed you so much," he continued.  She closed her eyes.   Six years she had waited to hear those words.   For six years she had dreamt of him every night, and each morning she woke up, without him.   She was certain he had moved on.   And now they were here, and this was real.   A single tear escaped, running down her cheek.   Owen caught it, brushing it away with his fingertips.   

Autumn took a step back, and he dropped his arms quickly.   

"No," she whispered, taking his hands in hers.  He had misunderstood.  She wanted to look him in the eyes.   She knew she was about to cross a line, the same line they had blurred so many years ago, but she didn't care.   

"Owen...."  she paused, suddenly afraid again, "I... I still love you."   It came out as a whisper.  She buried her face into his chest.   No matter what happens, she thought, it will be worth it.   The past six years had been the hardest of her life, and she often wondered how she had lived through it.   She knew that this would only lead to more pain, more heartache, but in this moment, it didn't matter. 

Gently, he placed one finger under her chin to lift her face towards his.    He bent down and pressed his cheek against hers until his lips were at her ear.

"I still love you," he said slowly, "I never stopped loving you... I'll love you forever."   


  1. *sigh* Writer or not, that was beautiful. Loved it!

  2. um, i wanted you to keep writing! you are a FANTASTIC writer! :)

  3. A writer wrote that...pure and simple.

  4. Wow. I'm at a loss for words...'cause of your words. Great stuff!

  5. Good stuff :)

  6. Keep going! We need to move beyond Stephanie Meyers already!

  7. You have so much natural talent, my darling. I know I'm super late commenting on this, but I hardly got to read any blogs yesterday.

    (I had a work-thing last night. It was at the Palace. I totes thought of you and your smashing wedding photos while I was there!)

  8. That is incredible! I love it. I wish I could write that well. Notice how I haven't contributed to the story? Ya that's cause I am terrible at that kind of thing. lol. This definitely had me interested and wanting to know more.♥