Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Google it.

Did anyone watch Oprah today?   Today the topic was the story of two men's lives, two men named: Wes Moore.  Both of the men came from the same background, same neighborhood, and even had the same name.  One Wes Moore is a successful business man on Wall Street and a Rhodes Scholar.   The other Wes Moore was sentenced to life in prison after murdering a police officer.  Makes you think!

It made me curious as to how many people had my name, "Ashley Stone," and what they were like!  So.... I googled my name.  I know... big nerd.   An apparently, there are quite a few people in this world with my name!   I found 33 on Linkedin and over 500 on Facebook!!!

But, here are some of my favorites:  

Ashley Stone, age 25, Pin-Up Model from Pennsylvania.

Ashley Stone, Death-Metal Rocker from London.  
His Record is entitled "666."  CREEPY!

Ashley Stone, a 24 Year Old Photographer from North Carolina.
And... SHE BLOGS!!!  I had to follow her blog of course!  And she's talented!

Ashley Stone, a 34 year old artist from Suffolk, England.
He specializes in "Psychedelic Art."

Ashley Stone, 34 from Manchester, United Kingdom.
He says about himself:
 "I have an electric personality am a talented singer,presenter, performer, and most importantly a nice guy."

HAHA!!!!   I love it!

I even found a 22 year old prostitute named "Ashley Stone."  
For obvious reasons, we won't put her pic on here.  

AND I found one girl with my EXACT name: Ashley Brooke Stone.
I added her as a friend on Facebook.... we do have the same name after all!!  She will probably think I'm super weird and will ignore my request.   I hope she doesn't read my blog and think I'm a creepy stalker or something!   I'm not creepy, promise.

Okay, you know it's killing you....

Go Google your name.


  1. I've googled my name before.
    But they're mostly old ladies :)

  2. Oh man! I hope she doesn't read your blog too! And finds a picture of herself!! That is classic!

    You got some seriously funny ones! I've never found anyone cool with my name!

  3. Great pictures! I love that pin-up model!

  4. How interesting! Will have to do this! Hope your having a wonderful day! xoxo

  5. Oh, I must try. Although with my Czech last name, I think I am solo.

  6. This is just tooo funny!! Love it!:)

  7. I'll bet there aren't any other Amber Tidd Murphys. But, there is at least one other Amber Tidd out there, and I'll bet there are a ton of Amber Murphys!! I can't WAIT to google me. :)

  8. This is crazy, I just got an email from an Ashley Stone and was confused if it was you at first and then you posted this. Crazy!

  9. So fun! I will have to go google my name now! It will be a long list I am sure. I have a common first and last name.

  10. This post was really interesting. I doubt many people have my maiden name, but I'm sure I would find plenty having my married name. I do find that certain names and personalities correspond sometimes.


  11. Hello Fellow STONE Thats Me in The White Vest!! Nice To see I was Worthy Of Your Comment!;-)

    1. I was about to comment and say I've met the man in the white vest and he is super lovely!