Monday, April 5, 2010

You and me could write a bad romance.

Tonight me and my friend Jennifer got together to play some music.
And.... we got a little carried away with the i mac.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil!

Yoda's face is priceless!



"Caught in a bad romance...."  

Haha... yeah, that's how we do. 
And yes...I totally made up the french part.

Coming soon.... our 80's tribute video to "Time After Time."   
Stay Tuned.


  1. Love it - and I am so jealous because I am painfully tone deaf! You have an incredible voice lady!

  2. I love photobooth!:D you girls are hilarious. Awesome poses!

  3. Man, I can't play the vid here at work, but when I get home I'm coming back here:D

  4. Cute! Great friends are rare to find!
    And I love your voice! Hope to hear more soon!
    Have a good day!

  5. whaaaa you are a really great singer?!

  6. Your manic smile says it all.

  7. I adore you more every since day. I am going to be playing this more than once and plotting how we can sneak on American Idol next year...I need a fake ID to get back a year though. You are AMAZING and I love this! I want to see more!!!!!

  8. P.S. You should really team up with Chelsea from Chelsea Talks Smack. She has posted some of her music on twitter. I will see her next week and tell her you guys should win Grammy's together.