Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Help me to get on GLEE! Please!!!!

So, Glee is holding an open casting call on Myspace! 
 You can win a guest role on the show! 


And of course.... I auditioned!   
 I was in show choir in high school, president of the drama club, in all the musicals..... 
I totally am a Gleek!!!!

And did I mention "Glee" is my favorite show!?   Well, it is!

There was a list of songs you had to choose from, so don't fault me for singing Barbara Streisand.... it's not like I already knew the song or anything... it's not like I didn't belt the song into the mirror as a child or anything...

Will you help me?  

Please, if you have time, 
Then if you like it, give me a 
"gold star." 
You have to have a myspace account to vote.  : (
 Hi-jack your kids if you don't have one.  haha
But if you have one, you can vote more than once, so do me a favor and vote a bunch!! haha
The more gold stars I get, the better my chances!!!!

When you get to the website, scroll down to the "gleek videos."

Look for a blonde in a plaid shirt, "Ashley." 

Like this:

If you don't see my video, put "Ashley" into the search engine.  
Lot's of Ashley's will pop up, but look for me, Ashley Stone...in the plaid.  : )  I auditioned twice on accident cause I didn't think it went through, but please view the one in the plaid shirt.

Thanks so much for your help!!!

I know.... I'm such a geek!!!
Oh...ahem.... GLEEK!


  1. AWESOME!!! One of my favorite songs ever! I honestly have not been on myspace in so long it won't let me login because I don't know my password, but I will vote when I get on!!

  2. Good luck girlie! My sister LOVES that show!

  3. Say what?!?!

    OMG, I want to audition! But I won't, because I don't have the balls.

    Okay, racking my brain to remember my myspace log-in info so I can go listen!

  4. I am too old to audition.

    (That is super unfair.)

    I got on and saw your intro speechy-thing, but couldn't find the song! Helpspice!

  5. I voted! I think that's the first time I've been on myspace in months! Hahaha :D

  6. That would be so awesome! My husband remembered his password so we used his and Gold Starred you up!! Good luck!

  7. My vote is in! You're so awesome!

  8. Okay, this is the third time I've commented on this entry. (Obsessedspice.)

    I finally got to watch the vid. It was so good! I was impressed with all those words (and those notes!) I just love the vibrato in your voice. :)

    WHEN you get this part I will be saying I knew you back when! Gold stars galore, my dear.

  9. geez lady, not asking for much expecting us to remember how to login to myspace!

    but i did! and voted for you, duh! I love love love your app video!!

    can we vote daily or its a once only deal?

  10. Thanks SOOOO much everyone!!! I know.... who gets on myspace anymore??!! No one!

    You can actually vote as many times in a row as you want! I think my friends have been giving me like a ton right in a row, haha.

    You all are awesome!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!! GOOD LUCK!! :) That is so very exciting. I will totally vote!

  12. You're awesome and I'll totally vote and check you out :)

    You need to be there!!! I'll brag to all my friends here if you're on Glee. Good luck!!!

  13. OMG tht would be so fun!! I would love to be on that show too but too embarrassed to try.
    You are SO cute!! Just watched your videos, couldn't vote though because I don't have a myspace. I totally hope you win though you deserve it and you have a beautiful voice!!