Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

I think it's amazing today what kids and teenagers get away with.   Back when I was a teenager I walked to school up hill both ways my parents had eyes in the back of their heads!     Now, you can look at any teenager's facebook account and it doesn't take long to realize that the parents are not in control!

   Sometimes I wonder if parents are really that oblivious, or if they just don't care.   
Maybe kids today are just really good liars?  
 I was always horrible at lying to my parents.

Once when I was about 9 years old, a huge argument erupted at our house over an un-flushed toilet.  (I know, how stupid!)   My mom was irritated and asked which one of us did it, me or my brother.   We both of course denied it.   This made my mom mad.... not so much about the toilet, but that one of us was obviously lying to her.   This turned into a 3 hour ordeal.... seriously.   There were angry words and tears shed over this toilet (by me of course....I was always the crier).  The truth was... I did it.  I had left the toilet un-flushed!  (Oh, the shame!)  But  after seeing what a big deal it had turned into, I couldn't admit to it!   So, I stuck to my guns.  Finally, my mom took each of us privately into our rooms.  She told us that she wasn't mad, and we weren't going to get into trouble, she just wanted to know who had done it.   My brother swore that it wasn't him.   

Next, she came into my room, looked me in the eye and said "you won't be in trouble.....just tell me."  

Looking into her eyes.... I cracked!   "Fine," I said "it was me."   
It happened so quickly I didn't even have time to react, 
my mom grabbed me, threw me over her knee and spanked me!!!    

"You said I wasn't going to be in trouble!" I cried.    

"Well," she replied, "I lied... how does it feel?"   

It didn't feel good!  


  1. I was JUST having this conversation today! For me growing up the rules were very defined and my dad was pretty strict. Now I see kids doing things I wouldn't have gotten away with in a million years and parents shrugging and saying "well, their friends do it." How does that make bad behavior any better?!?

    Drives me nuts!

    And that picture is awful! That poor girl won't be living that one down anytime soon!

  2. You're not alone! I'm astonished too. Sure as a kid or as a teen, i did trick my parents a few times too...like to go to parties and go home later than i'm supposed to but never to the extent at what they do these days.

    Some of their clothes scared me and their drunken debaucheries..wow you would've thought they're in their twenties. Smh. Their parents should never let them get away with that.

  3. Oh the good ole days!!! Excellent story...I was kinda sorta, not really, bad...I am gonna be on my girl like white on rice!

  4. Oh my gosh I don't feel so bad laughing since it's already been done but that would have been horrifying to have gone through! Next time you'll learn to flush the toilet!!! Bet you never forgot did you?!

    Oh the joy of having your parents teach you a lesson!

  5. Haha Oh I love that line!! It's so true though, I workd with high school kids this past year and I am horrified at the things they have on facebook and say to each other. It's scary to think this is what my daughters will be surrounded by.

  6. Ashley, I love that crossed out line. My parents always repeat it! haha
    I agree with you. My parents don't check my facebook, but that's because they are older Africans(Not everyone learned to use the computers when they were in school).
    But, they stalk me. My dad calls all the way from Nigeria to know what I'm doing everyday.
    My mom came to visit. When I got home from school, some things on my dresser were gone!!
    That drove me crazy..lol
    I love this post. It made me laugh. :)


  7. Ha! That reminds me of so many stories from my childhood. My sister and I were always getting into trouble for lying about minor things. She would always get us both in hot water with her big mouth. Seriously, everything was her fault 99% of the time! (And that's no lie.)

  8. I STILL can't lie to my parents, now that is good parenting! hahaha

    This is a great and funny post!
    Hope :)

  9. I cant bring myself to lie to my parents either. Im 17 and we're indian so they're pretty strict about dating and all - as in, im not allowed to date AT ALL (like never ever)! Now of course Im gonna date but im sure its gonna kill me inside little by little D=

  10. I still can;t lie to my momma and daddy either....I guess my younger bro does it enough for both of us! LOL


  11. As a parent the one thing I can't stand is when my kids lie to me. It is the biggest no-no in our house. My boys get in huge trouble when they lie.

    Great post!

  12. LOL! LOVE this post! I had such a similar experience that while I was reading it I had a flashback moment. That picture of that teenager is just plain sad. It really is true it's like we're getting more lax in these times, kids can get away with anything! I am definitely not one of those parents and make sure that my kids know who they are, what they stand for, and just what exactly I am NOT going to stand for. :)

  13. LOL! I had such a similar experience that I was having a flashback moment while reading this. LOVE this post and it is oh so true! That picture of that grl is just sad. Parents are gtting so lax in these times, kids can get away with anything! It's really pathetic. I am not one of those parents, I make sure that my kids know who they are, what they stand for, and just what exactly I am NOT going to stand for. :)

  14. Great Post. I always assume that my kids aren't lying to me and somehow that seems to help them not do it.

  15. Ugh! That's not how the 80s sitcoms used to end. If you came clean you were absolved of all wrongdoings. Yeah, I agree...FB kids are outta control.

  16. I was *awful* at lying. I lied to my mum once, and though she didn't find out at the time (I've told her subsequently!) I felt so guilty that I never did it again!