Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm fine. You're Stupid. Go Away.

I watched the tears run from your eyes

felt your heart beat the moment mine died
Lost myself in a parking lot somewhere,
Drove all night just trying to breathe again.

You went out with so and so last night
heard you were making out and starting fights
Searching for lips to fill my space
You close your eyes and pretend you see my face

Your words cut me just like a knife
I guess you always do what's right
Just walk away and leave the mess you've made,
But don't ever speak my name.

Don't ever speak my name.

I heard your voice over the crowd
All my defenses falling down
That record played inside my heart
I heard "it's such a shame for us to part."

In a flash you were gone again
Taking with you everything I am
Tomorrow you will say "I'm so sorry"
Do me a favor and say what you really mean.

Cause I could ruin you in just one breath
But you know I'll keep this to myself
I'd like to think you'd do the same,
But don't ever speak my name.

Don't ever speak my name. 

We make strides when we realize,
We were all just pawns in a game.
It's all the same,
We're all the same.

Discarded after the fall,
We meant nothing at all.

I know that I'll be fine without you.
I'm doing fine without you here.  

(A little song I wrote that is a work in progress.  You can listen to the rough draft here.  But keep in mind I don't play guitar very well.  My band mates will fancy it up with their musical skills when they get a hold of it!) 


  1. OOOOHHH Ashley! I love it! You are seriously so talented!

  2. i LOVE this ash!! it may be one of my very favorite titles i have ever read too! lol. i love love love it:) you are so talented!

  3. So moving...well written Ashley. Bravo for you songwriter!

  4. I really like it. The words are perfect and your voice is so pretty. I think you play guitar beautifully. :)

  5. This is so beautiful.
    I can't wait to read more of your lyrics.


  6. have i mentioned how much i absolutely adore you? :)

  7. Your voice is amazing. Great lyrics! And agreed, I love your blog title.

  8. aw thanks everyone! It's a work in progress!!!!! haha.

  9. It's a beautiful WIP, Ashley. I send you one of my haiku's as a thank you for your lovely verse :
    Dreams drift like clouds,
    I reach to touch the moon,
    I grasp but empty night.

    Have a beautiful tomorrow, Roland