Friday, February 26, 2010

Bold Words and Why I love my Husband

I got tagged in a fun blog meme by Amber at Musings of Amber Murphy.  I've known Amber since high school and her blog is amazing, hilarious, and...well, you just have to read it!  

So, I'm supposed to post a list of things I like/love/hate and then link it to 3 bloggers who I admire.  All you have to do is fill in after the bold words!  

I like Karaoke!

I like nachos. Too much.

I like listening to acoustic music.  

I like when I have crazy dreams and actually remember them in the morning.

I like looking at pictures over and over again.

I like reading the lyrics of songs before I decide whether I like them or not. 

I like movies that make me cry.

I like wearing heels!

I like singing in the shower.

I like to dance every chance that I get.

I like staying up late.

I like sleeping in after staying up late!

I love the truth.

Today was very eventful!  Got to watch my boss chase a thief through the parking lot and my husband sing karaoke... in that order.

I hate when people are fake.

I hate when I wake up late and don't have time to take a shower!

I hate the smell of seafood.

I hate cleaning!

I hate when people don't return phone calls/texts/emails.

I hate that stupid song "I love college."  Cause it's stupid.

I hate when I get into bed and my PJ pants ride up... in fact for years I would tuck my pants into my socks at night in order to keep this from happening, until my husband insisted that it really was not sexy.  (I thought it was super hot!)

I (secretly) like to sing in front of the mirror when I'm home alone.

I love trying to figure people out.

Generally Speaking
Handprints of the Heart
Single Infertile Female

Oh...and just so you know,

THIS is why I love my husband:


  1. hahah somehow i wanna say "girl's power!" ! :p nice post..

  2. Oh my gosh, that video is AWESOME! He's actually pretty good too! I love it!

  3. He did great! I can't believe he can hit all those high notes!

  4. That wig is seriously fantastic! Also, I'm definitely interested in the story about your blog chasing a thief. What the hellspice?

  5. I love crazy dreams too! I haven't had one in a while though. I also agree with you on the cleaning thing. Ugh, but someone has to do it right? LOL

  6. I love your list! *sigh* The Notebook.

  7. I like your blog.
    I like your list.
    I like that you like movies that make you cry, and reading lyrics before listening to the songs!(I do that too).
    I like that you are an amazing person.
    I like that you love your life.

  8. Super cute blog! I love this list! It's great to read about other young marrieds - I feel the same way about some of the list. I LOVE trying to figure people out and I also LOVE my husband :)

    I'm your new follower!!!

    Sarah Ann

  9. Nice list. I have to see the notebook.

    I love movies!

  10. Awww thank for tagging me! I'll get right on it, can you tell I'm a bit behind on my blogging as of late? LOVED that video, too hilarious! The getup is the BEST and he's got some rockin dance moves. Too bad we don't live in the same area, I thin we'd make one awesome dynamic married couple duo! My husband is very much like that. ;)

  11. I realize I said "your blog chasing a thief" when I meant "your boss chasing a thief." It must have been either really early or really late when I wrote that.

  12. Love the list and I love that video of your husband! That wig is fantastic! ;)