Thursday, February 25, 2010

Man's Best Friend

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.  
~Roger Caras

Isn't it remarkable how much we love our pets?   Dogs, cats, birds... they all know how to steal little pieces of our hearts.  They love unconditionally, and there's something so wonderful about knowing that you're their whole world.  They give love, friendship, comfort, and a listening ear.   

I love my two little animal babies.   They are my shadows.... and when they're not following me around, it usually means they are up to no good!

Yoda loves to blog with me.
And Molly is always right here, in on the action.

This is a beautiful poem written by Jimmy Stewart about his dog Beau.  
It never fails to make me cry! 
If you've ever had a beloved pet, this one's for you.
Thanks to my friend Audrey at Generally Speaking for sharing!

I'm also participating in Friday Follow!

I love making new friends!  

(Wow!!!  I have 100 followers now!??  That's crazy!!!!  I can't believe that 100 people are interested in what I have to say... thanks so much for reading!)


  1. We have 2 corgis and they are definitely part of the family!
    Stopping by from Fri Follows - I'm a new follower! Love to have you stop by:

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  3. We are animal lovers too. Four dogs. Two tiny dogs and two huge dogs.

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  6. I miss my kitty! She passed a few months back and I still look for her everyday.

  7. Your pets are adorable!
    I wish I could have a pet in my apartment.

  8. Fun blog! I'm here from FF, too. I've only got 22 followers and know I won't hit 100 today, but 30 seems like a nice goal, huh?

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  11. Stopping by with Friday Follow. Hope you had a fantastic week.

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  12. Hi there.
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  13. As I was watching the video my dog was crawling all over me wanting some petting and lovins. :) Gotta love my lil guy. Can't imagine life without him. Thanks for this post.

  14. I'm slightly jealous that you hit 100 followers before me. (I'm just being honest!) I am going to have to get on this follow Friday train.

    In all seriousness, congrats! Also, I tagged you in a little blog meme. Check it.

  15. Although I sometimes complain about them, my dogs are one of (well, two of) the most important things in my life. They totally understand me ... they "laugh" when I laugh and they are there to give a hug--or at least a kind look--when I am upset. Your pets are adorable : )

  16. I love my dog :)

    Congratulations on 100 followers :)

  17. That poem has always made me tear up. I have a copy of the book of poetry that my father actually had signed when he meet Jimmy Stewart.

    Your furkids are adorable.

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  21. Found your blog through Friday Follow! Cute pics! Have a great week...

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