Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So I Think I Can Dance

I'm so excited to report that tonight I finally did an actual leap!

I started taking modern and jazz dance lessons in January, and being the least experienced dancer in both  classes (as in...I have no real experience, and they've been dancing for years), I usually leave feeling a bit foolish.   My instructors are kind at least, and after it's my turn across the floor, I usually get a "not bad" comment, followed by lots of constructive criticism.   They continually tell me "don't worry about it, it's just for fun."  Um...did no one tell them that I'm going to be a professional dancer?  This is serious.  I mean, lots of dancers start off when they are 26, right!?   Right?  Hmm.  Anyway....

But today... oh joy of joys... magic happened.   As usual, Josh, my modern instructor had us line up for our "run, run, leaps" across the studio....and of course, I was up first.  So I ran, I ran...and I actually leaped!   I think I surprised him even more than myself because he stopped everything, ran over to me and shouted "that was perfect, you brushed through it, your legs were straight, you pointed your toes and everything!"

So...yeah... it may not sound like much of an accomplishment, and really it's not, but darn it...I'm proud of my little leap!!!!   

"So You Think You Can Dance," here I come!!!

Maybe I should try for two leaps in a row first and see how that goes?  


  1. Way to go rockstar! I can't dance at all - it's that whole coordination thing I'm lacking!

  2. Hey, that IS something to cheer about! I love dancing too. And leaps are hard! Congrats to you.

  3. That is SO cool! you should practice everywhere you go to perfect it! Especially the aisles of the supermarket :)

  4. Wonderful <3

    I can't dance,I look funny when I do :/

  5. I am SOOOOOO proud of you! I have been dancing with my first comp when I was 2 years old so I personally think that this is VERY exciting!!!

  6. That's so awesome!! Congrats! I have an award for you on my blog! Come check it out when you can! Have a great night!