Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snot Happens

I'm not a photographer, at all... but when I saw that
I heart faces  was doing a photo contest for "hilarious outtakes", I had to enter this one, because I think it's pretty hilarious!   It's an under-water picture that went all wrong.  Sorry buddy...I hope you don't read my blog, I just had to do it!

Snot happens

In other news.... 
Tonight we celebrated my grandparent's 52nd wedding anniversary!  And my other set of grandparents will celebrate their 52nd anniversary tomorrow.   I'm so blessed with such wonderful examples of love and commitment!

One of my grandmother's, my Nanny, is a published writer.  She wrote a book of poetry called "Kentucky Heartstings."

In an attempt to get her writing again, I've set up a blog for her.  I showed her tonight and I'm hoping that she'll start using it soon.  I think I need to spend a "training session" with her, but I'm sure she'll catch on quickly!  I've posted one of her poems there already, and I'd love for you to check it out and show her some love!   

Her new blog is: 
Kentucky Heartstrings

Nanny, if you are reading this, I am expecting a post ASAP!!!!!


  1. definitely hilarious. i hope he doesn't read your blog though. lol.

  2. BAHHHAHAA you captured the best moment ever in the photo! phenomenal work!

  3. That is so disgusting, but completely hysterical. I snorted coffee out my nose when I saw it. I think you should win!

    How cute are you to start a blog for your grandma?! I hope she uses it. I'll check in over there. I will totally follow her!

  4. You're right...that is just SO wrong and someone is going to hurt you for that one. :) It is laugh out loud funny though!

    And way to go, grammy! I love hearing about grandmas discovering technology.

  5. I bet you win. That is hilarious. In a gross way. PERFECT! Lol. Go Nanny....I will be looking for ya!

  6. Bahahaha I'd so be embarrassed if that's MY picture :p

  7. LOL that is a yucky but oh sooo funny pic! Happy Anniversary to your grandparents! I just ran across your blog and LOVE IT!! Super cute! I love making new bloggy friends
    Can't wait to read more
    Summer :0)

  8. haha it IS disgusting... and yes everyone, I'm really hoping he doesn't ever read my blog!

  9. Baaaaaaaaahahaha! That is too funny! 52 years! Wow, congrats to both sets of your grandparents!

  10. OMG! I just lost my lunch!!

    I think that should win for most disgusting!
    It is funny though : )
    I will go visit your Grandma.
    I love Grandparents SO much!

  12. This is disgusting and funny LOL...I like your blog a lot :)

  13. OMG how horrifying for that guy! LOL but super hilarious for everyone else. LOVE the idea of setting up a blog for your grandma- I'll definitely be checking it out! :)

  14. HAHAHAHAH that poor guy, hope he doesn't see this entry!
    Very sweet idea for your grandmother!

  15. eewww! super gross but really funny. a good outtake for sure

  16. oh boy... that is just downright disgusting... poor guy!!!