Sunday, February 21, 2010

When in Rome

So tonight the hubby (Jake) and I went on a little date.  We went to dinner and then to see "When in Rome."  It was a cute movie!  Kristen Bell is Jake's dream woman!  But that's just fine cause I didn't mind at all staring at Josh Duhamel for 2 hours.  
(He's so cute!)

But now I'm super confused!!!  As I mentioned before, Jake and I are planning a trip to Europe in May.  We are so excited, but we can't decide where we want to go!  Watching this movie made me want to go to Rome.   But I want to go to Paris too...and London....and Ireland!  Sigh....I must choose.

Jake says he thinks I'll regret it if we don't go to Paris....I think he's right.   Ugh!  I wish I had unlimited time and money so I could do it all.  I mean that too much to ask!?  

Oh, and by the way, he scolded me at dinner tonight for posting a picture of him at the geek party a few days ago.  He's worried you will all think he's ugly, and has insisted that I post a good pic of him.  

So here you go:

Haha!!!  He is soooo gonna kill me.
(But it's soo worth it!) 

P.S. check out my celebrity look-alike at Juliana's Blog!  Haha!


  1. Just FYI I love geeks, and I loved the pictures you put up the other day. I have a friend who is in love with Ireland...but Paris may be a good choice for a romantic trip! :)

  2. haha i love that he is that paranoid!! Yes Jake, we are all judging you. :)

    I havent been to any.. but i think if i went to Europe Paris would be an absolute must... Its Paris PARIS!

  3. Tell Jake he got nothing to worry about, he looks fierce just like his wife :)

    Anyhoodle, why don't you sign up for budget tour in europe so you get to visit a few countries at least? Although it may be more tiring since you won't stay in a place for too long but at least you can see a lot. :) Paris is a must visit, Rome is good but I also like Venice..oh and don't forget Spain and Greece. Beautiful :)

  4. Jake has nothing to worry about! You two are a great looking couple!!

    I think every girl must go to Paris, the romance capital of the world. I know if I was going all that way I would definitely regret not visiting Paris. It's tough since you know you won't be going back for awhile. There are so many places there to visit! Tough to choose!!

  5. Jake is adorable. I really want to see that movie. I've been to most of the above countries and here is my two cents. If you are a HUGE art buff then Paris is a must. The downside is that it is hugely expensive unless you plan to live on croissants. Italy is fabulous, much more affordable, you can't get a bad meal, and the people are all NICE. Didn't do Ireland...but Scotland was terrific and had all of the same qualities as Italy except the food wasn't as good. Sometimes it is nice to focus on one country and get a feel for the country, city, etc... You come away with a richer experience. Hubs and I spent 2 months in Italy between grad school summers and it was a dream. Goodluck. Holly

  6. Hi! Just found your blog through confessions of a law school drop out!