Friday, February 5, 2010

You Can Get it Dude!

Do you have lots of money? Are you a Full House Fan? Yes? Yes?
Well, I have good news for you!!!!

You can now own the "FULL HOUSE HOUSE!!!!"

For only $1.5 Million, this baby could be yours! When you're having a bad day, or when you need to learn one of life's important lessons, I'm sure this house will inspire classic "full house moments" with your own family. Do you think Bob Saget comes with the house? How about the pink bunnies that were in Uncle Jessie's room? Oh, one could only hope.

If only I had $1.5 mil sitting around, I would buy up this house and cue this every time I pulled down the street in my red convertible:


  1. Haha!!! My goodness... how funny!!! I think Bob Saget should be included in the deal... LOL

  2. If I can pay that mortgage, do you think Uncle Jesse (and the Rippers) will stop by and sing "Forever" for me until I fall asleep in DJ's bed, laying beneath her awesome Bon Jovi poster. (It was the same one I had in my childhood bedroom, so I'll never forget that.)

  3. Yes, that would be amazing! You think Mary Kate and Ashley will drop by?!!