Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The heart is desperate, who can know it?

One thousand days have passed me by
and I haven't moved an inch
With so much left unsaid
I have so much more to say

I'll try to hide the fear with hate
I'll try to overcome it
It all means something, every breath
Every awkward silence

Don't listen to your heart, it's desperate
The things you said, you swear you meant
But it does us all no good to just hang on
To the memories we try to repeat
that piece of us we long to keep
Cause in the end it doesn't change a thing

Can someone find the pieces
And put me back together?
I wish I could forget this
But I always will remember

And if you could, just twist the knife
Hurt me until I hate you
For every time I take a step
You walk by again

(Just a little something I wrote a while back.....)


  1. Ashley, thats really good! And incredibly relateable!
    you should feel really proud for writing that :)

  2. Love it! I was never good a poetry... I always try to hard to make everything rhyme! So yeah, you're kind of talented! :)

  3. Ashley, this is beautiful! Loved it.

  4. I can relate to this right now. :) I love reading your blogs.

  5. Fave line - Don't listen to your heart, it's desperate. Very well written.

  6. You've got some never ending talent! Love the poem.
    p.s. I just finished up over at Short Southern Mommas, did the quiz. I was inputting my comment when I saw yours too! We had the same color purple...awww how cute. ;)

  7. that's pretty cool! neat blog!!!