Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello, have we met before?

What does it mean to really know someone? My mom always said that you never really know someone until you've lived with them, and even then, you'll never know everything. More and more each day I'm beginning to see the truth in that. There are so many people in my life who I thought I knew like the back of my hand. There have been people who I just felt connected to, like only we understood one another, like only I could really see who they were. But as time passes, and I begin to look from a distance, I feel as if I never must have known them at all.

Or maybe....we really only know someone else in the moments that we've shared with them. Maybe we knew them as they were that day, that hour, that time spent with us. Isn't it possible that two people can look at an object, a color, a painting, and each see something completely different? I suppose it's the same with the people in our lives. We only know about someone, what we have uniquely experienced with them. Not necessarily the truth, but our truth.

I see now how everything is objective. I see now how time and distance changes perspectives. Everyone has their secrets, their thoughts that no one else could know. No matter how close you are to someone, you can never know everything about them, only the parts that they choose to share with you.

There are so many people that I thought I knew. But I do not know them now. Maybe time has changed them, or maybe time has changed me? Either way, I'm seeing things from another angle.


  1. Time changes people, and what we want out of life! I have experienced this several times, I just remind myself that my time with that friend or individual was fun but it's now time to move on. Different paths for different people, we weren't all meant to take the same road.

  2. that just made all too much sense. i guess we really only know what people want us to know about them.

    you know someone for how they act around you and how they react to situations around you. but you cannot experience everything with someone so you never truly know everything...

  3. I agree that it is sometimes hard to "really know" a person. People change, life changes us, and sometimes it is even hard to know ourselves.

    However, the people I seem the most connected to -- no matter how little I see them -- well, I still feel like I really know who they are, deep down.

    Maybe that's the dreamer in me still wanting to believe in soul mates.

    Nice post today!

  4. the only constant i have come to realize is that people will always surprise you. i really enjoyed this.